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Book Title: I Will Always Write Back 
Author: Catlin Alifirenka and Martin Ganda with Liz Welch
# of pages: 400
Genre: Realistic fiction 
This book is a true story about Caitlin and Martin. Catlin loves in Hatfield, Pennsylvania and Martin lives in Zimbabwe, Africa.
Blog post 1:
So far, in the book Caitlin's class had to pick a place to write letters to a pen pal and Caitlin picked Zimbabwe. She wrote about how it was were she lived, things she does, how many siblings she has, and other facts about her. Caitlin sent the letter to her pen pal, Martin. When Martins teacher announced that they received letters from USA there was only ten letters. He was one of the lucky people who received a letter because he was one of the top students. Martin and Caitlin sent letters back and forth telling each other things about how their place is. Caitlin assumed Martin was like any other black kid in her school so when Caitlin got a letter back from Martin she decided she would send a picture so he could send one back. Martin was surprised to see a picture from Caitlin the only problem was that in Zimbabwe it was expensive to take a picture so he didn't know how he was going to do it.

Blog post 2:
It’s been 1 year and Caitlin and Martin are still sending letters with gifts. Martin sent earrings and a new picture of him in his letters to Caitlin and explained why it took so long to write back. She decided to wear the earnings Martin sent her because they were unique. Many of her friends were surprised to hear that Caitlin and her pen pal are still send letters. Caitlin sent a Nike shirt, a postcard from Canada, mechanical pencils and at the bottom of the letter she wrote best friends forever. Later on when Caitlin sent her next letter, Martin couldn't send a letter back because of the cost. Caitlin is still sending letters but with no response. Caitlin was worried because in the news it shows that in Zimbabwe people are dying of hunger. She has seen people breaking into stores and stealing. Martin wants to write back to tell her that he’s fine but he can't. His family doesn't have enough money and because of that Martin and his brother can't go to school, 

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